Reverse Appends Request is now automated and self-service 

We are pleased to announce that we have now automated the reverse appends process (addresses to mobile IDs), we are calling “Create Residential Audience Request”.

This easy to use process takes your formatted, csv file and creates an audience file for you to publish.  Quick and easy.  No delays.

The resulting audience file will contain all the mobile ids we have matched to the residential addresses provided.  The mobile ids are “fresh” and updated every 30 days.  This process does NOT create geoframes or use any radius or date range.

Convert CRM, Sales Lists, Voter Registration lists and more.

Here are the steps to use this new feature.

  1. Copy and paste your client’s RESIDENTIAL address list into the provided template.  (sample attached and there is a download link for this template on the request page).  IMPORTANT -> Save as “CSV UTF-8”
  2. For best results, you should clean the addresses submitted.  (Tips for cleaning attached)
  3. Add the template, then add an Audience Name, and Tags.  And Submit.  That’s it.

IMPORTANT:  You must use the .CSV UTF-8 template provided (sample attached) without removing any of the pre-set column headings.  All 5 column headings must be there ( address              city         state      zip          zip-4)

Depending on the number of addresses submitted, processing can take minutes to several hours.  You will receive an email notification when completed (if you have notifications in your preferences turned on)

Remember this is for residential addresses within the US only.  PO Box addresses, incomplete addresses, and international addresses will not be processed and will delay the processing time.  Clean addresses will provide greater accuracy and completion.

Note:  If you do not see this option available when you click on the Audience icon please ask your supervisor to add it to your platform access. 

Upon completion, an audience will be created and placed in your Audience Library.  At that time, you can go there and publish that audience accordingly.

Remember, unless saved as CSV UTF-8 the process will fail.  See below

 utf-8 file format


Q. Why is this allowed only residential addresses?
A. Our database has 2 primary functions.  1) Determine and catalog where a mobile device has been, and 2) Determine and catalog where a mobile device lives.  The intent of this feature is to create an audience of what mobile devices live at what household addresses.

Q. Why should I “clean” the list before I upload it for processing?
A. Several reasons and each can delay the processing time and possibly provide inaccurate results.  We cannot process PO Boxes, international addresses, etc.

Q. Will the audience be automatically published?
A. No, once the processing is complete, the audience as you named it will appear in your Audience Library.  You can then publish it as necessary.

Q. Can I download the results of the audience created?
A. No, but you will be sent a link to download the matching file.

Q. Can I use this audience with Attribution Reports?
A. Yes, you can use the audience with the “Target” locations portion (Step 1) of the Attribution Report, however, you cannot use that audience for the “Destination”.

Q. What if I do not have the zip code or the zip+4?
A. You must have at least the street address, city, and state.  The program will still process the file without Zip or Zip+4,  but THE COLUMN HEADERS FOR ALL 5 COLUMNS MUST REMAIN.  If the Zip or Zip+4 rows below are blank the program will still process.  But it will not process without all the columns present.