Request for Match Back Report

This form is to request creating a report based on your campaign audience(s) compared to your customer’s actual sales.  A great way to show the value of your services.   Let’s get started.

We will need a .csv file from the customer’s CRM or Sales Data.  The only information we need is the street address, city and state.  Nothing else (please).   The addresses MUST be “clean” before submitting, meaning no apartment numbers, no PO boxes, No blank rows, etc. The file must be a .csv type file. Please verify before submitting, to avoid unnecessary delays.

We will also need the name(s) of the audience used in the ad campaign.

We will reverse append the CRM list and compare those mobile ids found with the mobile ids in the audience.  Then we will indicate on the CRM those that matched the audience.

Match Back Request

Note to Tech Staff: This is a CUSTOM REVERSE APPENDS (Address + Mobile ID)

Provide the name of the audience or project.
Enter the audience name(s) tag and if possible, the count of devices for that audience. If Demographics audience please note that too.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Additional fees apply.